Monday, May 7, 2012

How was my afternoon, you ask?

Pretty horrible. Forgive my frankness, but the monthly curse is imminent, making all my woes that much more crisis-level-worthy. I misjudged just how "empty" my empty light meant on my gas tank, ran some errands for my boss, and my car died on my on the frontage. I was able to throw it in neutral and swing into a miraculously empty parking lot. I had a random gallon of gas in the back and dumped that sucker in, thankful for the fact that my boss will occasionally front me a few bucks in gas - the closest station was right next to the office, maybe a mile or so away. I'm 100 yards from the fucking station when my engine putters out again. So, I snag my gas container, hustle across traffic in my heels and fill it up. When I get back, I realize my side window, which I'd rolled down so as not to use A/C, decided to die with my jeep and refuses to be put back in place. Not only that - when I'm in this annoyingly dire situation, BMW bitches decide I need to be continually honked if my hazard lights weren't enough indication that I've no control over the situation. Excuse me, misses, for being such an obstacle in your beach-blonde, orangutan-orange-tanned day.

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